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Do You Hug Your Site Visitors?

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Written by  Published in: Web Development

Do You Hug Your Site Visitors?

We all have sites we visit daily. For me it’s Amazon, Netflix (my 3 small children love Netflix) and my favorites during baseball season to check the scores.


These sites have content that keeps me coming back for more.

Sites I hardly revisit are ones that suck, try to sell me something or are just plain boring to me.

In this business climate, successful sites are now building content that creates a reason for visitors to return. It’s value content.


Does Your Site Offer the Same?

Something I try to do 4-5 time a week is hug my customers (which to me, is you that may become a partner client of mine). I do it in the form of content.

This post is written about a profoundly amazing book I read years ago. Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell. If you haven’t had the pleasure, I recommend you pick up a copy today.

The book reviews how a small southern Connecticut upscale men’s clothing store does millions of dollars in sales a year all by hugging their customers everyday.

Their approach is to personalize their sales approach through customer data management. With a personal twist.

By harvesting what their prospective customers want, they customize how they sell them. Read the book. It will blow your mind how easy it is to convert more sales through personalized content sharing.

SEO is About Relationships

Whether you have 10,000 site visitors a day or 50, do you have a structured plan how build a relationship with them? You should.

The days of generating thousands of site visitors to convert into a few sales is long gone. The new trend is impression value building.

The concept is simple.

Your site investment (design or SEO) is a gold mine for new sales if you can convert a first impression into a relationship.

The real money in your prospecting should be about conversion. No surprise there. But not to convert them into a sale at first. Instead, to lure them into believing in your content.


Whether you’re selling arabian horses (there’s huge global market opportunities in this niche) or bedding for boys, all of your prospects do one thing.

They discover your site and then leave.

But when they leave, is your content memorable enough inspriring them to return? This is the question you should be thinking about at night in bed when you’re worried about your business.

Take the Test

Do you post new content to your site daily?

Is your content building value or selling?

Have you analyzed your Google Analytics to look for trends in which content is read or viewed the most?

Are you posting news about upcoming content, offers or free advice?

Did you answer yes or no to at least 3 of these questions? Yes? Then you’re starting to build branded content people will return to consume. Were all of your answers no? If so, do one thing. Read Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell.

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Peter David Gustafson

SEO & Video Specialist

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