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Hire An SEO Expert the Right Way Featured

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Written by  Published in: Web Development

How to hire SEO expert consultation doesn’t need to feel like running into a brick wall.  Having built our own business on hard work and difficult financial decisions, we sympathize with your struggle.  So how do you recognize a contractor with the proper skills to interview?  It’s probably the hardest decision to make because of the time involved speaking with prospects and checking on their credibility.



Hire SEO Expert Consultation Step #1

Write a list of what your goals are for your project. Breaking them down into 30, 60 and 90 days works best. Be realistic.  Why? Because SEO takes time.  Once you have this list, ask each contractor to submit details on how they will help you reach your goals.  Also, give them a deadline to do so. I recommend 24 hours. You see, if they can’t meet the deadline how to help you chances are they won’t do so in your SEO for organic rankings.

Hire SEO Expert Consultation Step #2

Ask them to share a client case study with you how they:

  • Analyzed the specific keywords (broad or exact)
  • Assessed the #1 Google placeholder for each keyword
  • What methods they used to optimize the client site for  on page SEO improvements for Google Penguin

 Finally, what were the results in rank increases (which you should be able to verify in a Google search).


Hire SEO Expert Consultation Step #3

The issue of price is always a hot button for everyone.

Low prices usually come with low quality when you hire SEO expert consultation help.

However, if you need a price recommendation, I suggest a monthly flat fee for everything.

Hourly is too hard to track progress and creates the “meter is always running” mentality.



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Peter David Gustafson

SEO & Video Specialist

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