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A lot of people like to brag about how well their website ranks in Google or how much traffic they get from social media marketing, but to me, none of that is all that important in and of itself. When you get down to it, all that really matters is your conversion rate. If you’re not converting visitors into prospects and paying customers, you’re not having success. Conversion is the goal for your business website. If you aren’t converting, you aren’t profiting like you could be.

Fatcat Conversions & Google #1 Rank

Have you been duped into thinking you desperately need to rank #1 on Google?  It helps. But, do you need to pay through the nose to reach #1? Not to make more money.  My client partners have the proof. It’s called fat cat conversions. Think about it. You can have 100 visitors a day on your site or 10,000.  Whatever your pie-in-the-sky number is for unique daily visitors, there’s a more vital question.  What is your conversion percentage? 2%? 1%? Zip?

Just minutes ago I was checking my email.  One of the Google-sponsored ads at the top of my inbox was an offer for a Penguin site audit.  By now you know about Google’s Penguin algorithm update.  If not, it penalizes sites for over-optimization of their SEO.  But if you think the Penguin pill is too big to swallow to recover your rankings, there’s another one super-sized to choke your wallet.  The site I reviewed wants your money. For $295 they review your site for non-compliance. But then what?

How to hire SEO expert consultation doesn’t need to feel like running into a brick wall.  Having built our own business on hard work and difficult financial decisions, we sympathize with your struggle.  So how do you recognize a contractor with the proper skills to interview?  It’s probably the hardest decision to make because of the time involved speaking with prospects and checking on their credibility.

Do You Hug Your Site Visitors?

We all have sites we visit daily. For me it’s Amazon, Netflix (my 3 small children love Netflix) and my favorites during baseball season to check the scores.


These sites have content that keeps me coming back for more.

Sites I hardly revisit are ones that suck, try to sell me something or are just plain boring to me.

In this business climate, successful sites are now building content that creates a reason for visitors to return. It’s value content.

New SEO Study for Top Rankings

Waking up this morning, I did my usual routine.

Coffee of course. Black with sugar. Then I read research on SEO news courtesy of Google.

Next, a final check of my new OS Lion update on iMac. If you haven’t upgraded yet, do so. It is dynamic and well worth the $29.95.

Do you know what the two most powerful words in advertising are in the last 60 year?

“New” and “free”. Look around. These two words are everywhere. They are the crack cocaine advertisers arm their advertising with to direct your attention to their products.

It’s no different in the SEO world.

Another eye grabber is “study”. Keep reading. It gets better.

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