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Fatcat Conversions & Google #1 Rank

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Written by  Published in: Web Development

Fatcat Conversions & Google #1 Rank

Have you been duped into thinking you desperately need to rank #1 on Google?  It helps. But, do you need to pay through the nose to reach #1? Not to make more money.  My client partners have the proof. It’s called fat cat conversions. Think about it. You can have 100 visitors a day on your site or 10,000.  Whatever your pie-in-the-sky number is for unique daily visitors, there’s a more vital question.  What is your conversion percentage? 2%? 1%? Zip?

Fat Cat Conversions: The Real Dope


It’s simple. Tethering people on your site longer should translate into conversions. Either in subscribers, prospects or sales.  But how do you know how long they’re hanging around viewing your content? 


GA (Google Analytics). Duh!  Before you can start increasing your conversions, you have two mission-critical goals.


  1. Lower your bounce rate
  2. Increase your average visitor duration



Fat Cat Conversions & Bounce Rate


Your bounce rate measures the time people reach your site and then leave. Bounce rate = visitors that left after viewing one page on your site / total number of visits. The higher it is, the less relevant content your site offers them for their search topic. The lower it is, the more relevant your content which converts to longer average visitor duration.



Retooling for Fat Cat Conversions


Next comes content navigation.  One of the problems I see with many of my new client partner sites is too much stuff:


  1. Homepage contains excessive text
  2. Site content lack cross-navigation urgency
  3. Images contain no call to action to take a next step


Or worse. Their site contains no video.  Remember, nearly 78% of all content viewed online everyday is video.  Is your site living in the stone age relying purely on text?  If so, you will never convert the percentage of visitors you should be. It’s a fact. Video converts far better than text.


But why? Three reasons:


  • Stories
  • Trust
  • Credibility


Everyone loves stories. They are embedded in our lives. If you have a good story, you build trust as a credible source in what you’re trying to sell.

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Peter David Gustafson

SEO & Video Specialist

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