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Video SEO

If you’ve suffered a drop in rankings due to Google Penguin, video SEO will help you recover. Video SEO does three mission-critical things for our client partners:

  1. Recover from Google Penguin devastation
  2. Develop high-quality, honest backlinks
  3. Build branding messages that convert into new business in their overall advertising

The days of achieving high search engine rankings using article marketing are over. It’s a fact. Google has hinted that in the coming years, they want old-school SEO to become as extinct as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. So how are you planning your future? What follows are sample videos our team has produced for client video SEO. These videos were used as overall branding campaigns for clients and their SEO exposure.

How to do Video SEO Using Google Penguin Compliance

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, there’s nothing that matters most for now on than Google Penguin compliance. Face it. Hiring offshore firms for a few hundred bucks will never, ever help your site rank the way it use to before April 24, 2012 (the date Google gave birth to Penguin).

Here's what you need to know to comply with Penguin standards:

  • Dynamic on page SEO
  • Genuine relevant content for the Google searcher
  • Quality content attached to your backlinks

The quality content is where most site owners crash and burn. It should be Google-worthy. Then create urgency for your traffic to convert into prospects. Video is the answer.

Video SEO Branding

When you watch television or see corporate videos (such as Coke, Pepsi or network advertising) on, what do you think? It’s most likely one of two feelings. Trust. Or mistrust. Video has the ability to do one thing. Win the battle of consumer perception. Once your company builds trust in your prospective customer’s mind, you’re on your way to a sale. Think of video SEO as nothing more than your own television network. The following two videos were designed to create these clients as authorities in their business sectors.

Video SEO Creative & Footage

How to use video in your overall online efforts is easier than you think. Over the last five years, many production firms now offer premium running footage to include in your videos. We own mountains of it (about 125 gigabytes to be exact). Your video creative needs to instill curiosity. Then sway the viewer to take the next step: become one of your prospects.

These two videos were produced to build value for the clients to dominate local SEO.

Video SEO & Your Competition

If you’re even considering spending money on SEO, think about one thing. Incorporating video into your plan will help you convert more of your site traffic into prospects and sales. We predict most site owners will take 2-5 years to take advantage of this developing technique. How long are you going to wait?

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